Changes in the Works!

May 29th, 2012

Please bear with us.. changes are in the works!

Author: Silverfaune | Origin: The Grove | Recorded: May 29th, 2012

Remarks (3)

  1. Paul Naylor says:

    You folk must be exhausted, and still reeling from all that you’ve been doing the last 3 (or more) weeks. I just wanted to say, “I hope you are well, and (as the husband of a fellow business owner) I hope you DID well.”

    Lola’s fibromyalgia has been kicking her butt for the past week, so she’s not been able to write, but she will when she can.

    All the Best,


    • Silverfaune says:

      Hi Paul! We are indeed reeling.. trying to play catchup and all. One of my biggest issues right now that I am trying to tackle is the “Con Crash”.. it generally takes me most of a week to recover, and 3 weeks of shows back to back has laid me out pretty good! We had a great event at Anime North and right now we’re just trying to get emails done, orders out, applications in the mail and of course.. update the website (finally!)!

      • Paul says:

        Great to hear you had a great time at Anime North; I’ve been pouring over the web pics about it, and it truly looked to have been an amazing event.

        Hang it … do what you need to do to get past Con Crash, and keep on doing the amazing work you do. You are truly a talented individual.



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